Futuris Group Acquires Kongsberg Automotive's North American Headrest Business

OAK PARK, Mich., March 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- On March 17, Futuris Group completed the purchase of Kongsberg Automotive's North American Headrest/Armrest business subsequently providing a southeastern USA manufacturing presence in Milan, TN for this global automotive, Minority Certified Supplier.

"The acquisition of Kongsberg's NA headrest and armrest business addresses our need to expand our North American manufacturing footprint and increase our product portfolio as part of the global strategy," said Futuris President and Chief Executive Officer, Merv Dunn. "The integration of the Milanbusiness has been going very smoothly and we anticipate being able to realize the benefits of this acquisition very quickly," Dunn said.

About Futuris Group:
Futuris is a leading automotive Minority Certified Tier 1 global JIT seating and interiors supplier with complete design and development to production capabilities. Futuris is located across 5 countries, the United States, Mexico, China, Thailand and Australia, operating over 25 facilities and employing over 5,600 associates worldwide.